Just Arrived: Videos from Our 2013 RaceBridges Fellows

Watch four new storyteller
videos by our two
2013 RaceBridges Fellows !


Storytellers Jasmin Cardenas
& Carmen Agra Deedy

My Brother’s Keeper:
A Teenager Works to Free
Manuel Salazar from Death Row

By Storyteller Jasmin Cardenas

Can a teenager make an impact in a world full of injustice? Jasmin looks back at the roots of her involvement in social justice issues when she joined the cause to free the young Mexican-American artist, Manuel Salazar, who sat on death row falsely accused of killing a police officer.


To Live or Not to Live in
La Villita, Chicago:
A Latina Struggles with
Civic Responsibility

By Storyteller Jasmin Cardenas

Jasmin struggles with the decision of where to live: a culturally vibrant Mexican-American community that struggles with safety or a picturesque middle class neighborhood where her son might be the only brown boy on the block. How does this educated Latina seek out community? And how, as we grow older, do we stay true to our values of making a difference in the world?


A Voting Booth Made For Two:
Election Enthusiasm from a
Cuban-American Mom

By Storyteller Carmen Agree Deedy

The small Southern town where Carmen’s parents live is a-buzz with political acrimony. Carmen’s mother, Esther, a spunky octogenarian—-and Cuban refugee—- regards her right to vote a hard-won, American privilege. As she finishes casting her vote, she is more than happy to remind her husband, Carlos, of “their views” on local elections. Carlos’ reaction to his wife’s enthusiasm is a hysterical and poignant civics lesson for all who are lucky enough to be casting their vote at Rocky Springs Elementary School that day.


My Father The Whiz:
A Cuban-American
Man Outwits Jim Crow

By Storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy

In 1964, Carmen’s father, a Cuban refugee, went to work at a steel manufacturing plant near Atlanta, Georgia. When, on the first day of work, he asked to take a bathroom break, he was faced with two choices: before him was a “white” bathroom . . . and a “colored” bathroom. Carmen’s father’s solution would foreshadow how this inventive man would ultimately teach his Cuban-American daughters that, in matters of conscience, we need not accept the only choices placed before us.



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